When I came home, I saw all of you. I have no idea what are you doing at my house, but you’re really there. YOU! You’re comfortably seating, talking to one of my friend. I changed my clothes in my room then went back to you. We did some chit-chat and then laugh and then tease each other. At that time I remembered were having some letter-giving but i didn’t knew why. Then the topic went to you! We ask you who is it, who she is. I didn’t know that time what to feel. I was very eager to know who is it! I was doing some unnecessary movements, hand gestures while waiting for you to answer. Then you gave me a piece of thick paper. I was shocked! I didn’t knew what’s in it! I look at you. You are shyly smiling, a light red circle formed  in both of your cheeks. Seriously? You kidding me? Really? I ask you some sort of questions like that! Then you said “Yes, i’m serious!”. I went to my bedroom but when I came back. There was nothing. All of you left. It was weird but I went back to my bedroom to read the letter. I open the letter then…I woke up. My mom woke me up. I really want to go back to sleep but it never did. Mom did ruined my dream! I wish my dream will continue later!